July 26, 2017

    After the National Women’s March on Washington I announced that the International Imperial Court Council was going to establish a civil rights arm of our International Imperial Court System: The National LGBT Network U.S.A. Some of you responded positively, a vast majority were silent and had no opinion. A “leader” can only lead an organization if its membership supports his policies and ideas. As I said after the November election last year, the next four years will be a battle with this administration when it comes to our GLBT civil rights.

     Now is the time for the American membership of our court system to help us build this civil rights arm of our international organization. Working together we have accomplished the issuance of a U.S. Postage Stamp and the first U.S. Naval vessel in honor of a gay American citizen. We reside in over 25 states and the District of Columbia. We have proven that we can make a difference and can contribute to the GLBT fight for equality.

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Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member



Ty VanHelsing 

Ty VanHelsing

(Ty Kershaw)

Portland, OR

Phone: 971-336-1636

Email: tyvanhelsing@gmail.com

1633 SW Custer St

Portland, OR 97219



Ty VanHelsing joined the Imperial Sovereign Court of Tacoma, Diamond Empire of the Cascades in 2009, with much thanks and gratitude to his first Drag Mother, Katrina Duall. He served a short term as Treasurer on their Board of Directors and supported many shows and venues. During a short sabbatical, Mulan Rouge and Jimi Cricket, once crowned as Tacoma’s Emperor and Empress 36, asked for his return to the ISCOTDEC and he has been going strong since.

He moved to Portland, OR in July of 2015, becoming Rose Emperor 40 Richard Rochelle’s First Gentleman in December of 2015. Ty has attended many coronations, IPP balls, and titleholder events throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Some of his most memorable experiences have been at recent coronations such as San Francisco, CA, Cincinnati, OH, Lexington, KY, and Hartford, CT.

He currently serves the Portland, OR community as the reigning Mr. Gay Portland 40, and has represented his title well in his home city and in neighboring Empires. Ty will represent the ICC as “The People’s Position”, which is a space reserved for those who have shown loyalty and commitment to their local chapters, Empires both near and far, but has never been elected to a Monarchy position in their Empire.

Ty has high interests in Youth Involvement with the ICS including the International Under 30 Council, local youth shows and events, and promoting the welfare and protection of LGBTQA+ youth on both local & national levels. Other personal interests are History, Snowboarding, Watching Football (Go Seahawks!), and staying current on local and national politics.

One of his favorite sayings is that of Absolute Empress I de San Francisco, Jose Sarria – “United we Stand, Divided they’ll catch us one-by-one!” He is honored and excited to have been given the opportunity to serve the public and ICS as an Heir Apparent to Queen Mother I, Nicole the Great and as ICC Council Member.