The following are the guidelines for both the Impcourt and Impchat List Serves, as they may apply:

  1. Photos, images or attachments are to be in JPEG or GIF format only, limiting file to 100K.

  2. There will be NO questionable or inappropriate photos on either Impcourt or Impchat.

  3. If you have a photo that may be of questionable taste, or considered "X" rated, that you would like to share on Impchat, DO NOT do a general posting to the entire list. Some subscribers receive their e-mail at work and may share an office and/or PC with co-workers. State that you have photos to share and ask that you be contacted privately to receive the pictures.

  4. Impchat messages should be of general interest. Messages intended for specific people should be sent to them, and not the List. Keep the personal personal, not all care to know about everyone!

  5. Postings to Impcourt and Impchat on behalf of non-members of the International Court System or its Chapters will not be permitted without the express written consent of the ICIS Administrator.

  6. Postings of non-International Court System events may not be submitted without the express written consent of the ICIS Administrator.

  7. Subscribers may not harass, threaten, embarrass or cause discomfort upon other subscribers.

  8. Subscribers may not impersonate another subscriber. In the event more than one person shares the same e-mail address, each person must sign his/her own name.

  9. In the event more than one person shares the same e-mail address, each person must be accredited, or a member in good standing within their Chapter.

  10. Each e-mail sent must contain the subscribers name at the close of the message.

  11. Subscribers may not interrupt the normal flow of dialogue or act in a manner that negatively affects other subscribers.

  12. There shall be no transmission of advertising of any kind. If you have a product or service to offer, please do so on a one-to-one basis.

  13. Neither Impcourt nor Impchat may be used for any illegal purpose.

  14. Bigotry, racism, hate messages, threats, (implied or otherwise) and the like will not be tolerated, and will result in the termination of the offenders' subscription.

  15. Please check your e-mail as often as possible, as this List tends to be high volume. When your mailbox becomes full, it causes messages sent to you to "bounce back". An e-mail address that bounces back on either list will be placed on a "Bounced Members" list by the server yahoogroups. Once you have cleared out your mailbox, you can reset your status on Impchat through the yahoogroups website.

  16. In the event more than one person shares the same e-mail address, and one of those persons violates the terms of the Guidelines, that e-mail address may be removed from the List(s), even if the owner of the account was not the person violating the Guidelines.

  17. Governing bodies of Chapters of the International Court System have the right and authority to request removal of members to Impcourt and/or Impchat who have direct association with their Chapters, and to determine the level of authority regarding posting to each list.

  18. If a subscriber is removed from either List for violating the terms of the Guidelines, the ICIS Administrator shall inform the governing body of the Chapter of the said offender.

  19. Subscribers to Impcourt and/or Impchat may not use another subscribers'(s) information for personal uses without the expressed permission of the other subscriber(s). This includes using subscribers' e-mail addresses for inclusion of a different list serve, or bulk mailing list.

  20. If a subscriber receives information of a potential computer virus that he/she wishes to pass on to the lists, he/she will need to send that information to the Administrator, <>. Upon verification of an actual virus, or discovery of a virus hoax, the ICIS Administrator, will in turn make the announcement to the lists Impcourt and Impchat.

  21. We strive to keep ImpChat/ImpCourt virus free. Should a virus be posted from a subscriber's account to either list, their account will be unsubscribed from the list until such time as they have corrected the issue. Once the subscriber is satisfied their account is virus free, they can resubscribe through the standard process.

A hard copy of the guidelines may be downloaded here.


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