Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Emperor Kevin Lisle


San Francisco- Imperial


Phone: 415-412-2922

Email: kevinklisle@me.com



Kevin Lisle is the 43 Elected Emperor of San Francisco during Reign 50 (February 2015-february 2016). As this was the 50th year of the Imperial Court I was also bestowed the honor of being one of The Golden Jubilee Monarch’s of the International Court System.

I have been involved since I was a Prince and later elevated to be Imperial Crown Prince for Reign 48 (2013-2014). During the last 4 years of active involvement and associated with members of the court for over 15 years participating in various fundraiser and coronation activities.

In professional life I am a Senior Project Manager for a Financial Services company located in Palo Alto, CA. I have lived in San Francisco for 24 years and have been involved in the community through various organizations and am constantly looking to further my ability to help those organizations achieve their goals both as a mentor and through direct involvement in fundraising activities.

I look forward to serving on the ICC and learning and sharing best practices to further our amazing organizations outreach.


Kevin Lisle