Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Empress Erica Divine

(Doug Klein)


Surrey, BC


Phone: 604-751-3093

Email: ericadivine@shaw.ca


Unit 40- 323310 Mouat Dr

Surrey, BC V2TJ1



Erica Divine started out in the Court of Calgary, The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch Social Association. Erica won her first title as Closet Queen 4 to The 20th Imperial Reign of Emperor XX Neal Dewitt and Empress XX Mz Rhonda. Erica next became Ms Gay Calgary 13 with The Rainbow Lambda Society.  Erica and her Mr. Gay Calgary 13 Sean Boink had one of the most successful years as The Gay Title Holders and working with the Community and gave Erica the desire to do more. Erica ran for Empress 23 but was unsuccessful in her first attempt, she ran again for Empress 28 which held a special connection for her. Erica’s Uncle who was also a Drag Queen in the Court of Calgary was Empress 3 of Calgary, also known as Erica. Erica took on her Uncle’s Drag Name to carry on his legacy and was honoured to have ascended to the Throne on his 25th Anniversary along with her Emperor Alexander De Knight. Erica was Imperial Crown Princess 25 to Reign 27th of Emperor 27 Marty Mojo Stevens, and Empresses 27 Bianca Labouche, and Brandi Bishop Towers.  Erica enjoyed her years in Calgary Court and volunteering and working with as many of the distinct organizations in the City. Erica was also a Board Member to the Sharp Foundation which was one of her favorite Charity causes and could often be found working their Bingo nights.

In 2005 Erica moved to her new home and Court of Surrey, BC. The Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association. Erica became involved with the Court of Surrey as soon as she moved to town and was in charge of the Hospitality for the Step down of Emperor 1 Martin Storm and Empress 1 Taylor Maid Storm. Erica became Vice President the next year on the board of directors followed by President and Imperial Crown Prince 3 as Eric Deman for Emperor 3 Scott Rhode and Empress 3 Onya Marx. Erica became President of Surrey Pride Society and was responsible for getting them established with hosting their Annual Pride in Surrey’s Holland Park, where it is still hosted yearly.  Erica maintained involvement with the Court as Treasurer for a year as well as Co-Imperial Crown Princess 6 with Joycelynn Starr. Erica became Empress 10 along with her Emperor David Cook Royale under the Reign Mantra of The Expansion of the Arch. As many members of the Board and House of the Court lived in the surrounding cities of the Empire of Surrey. It was a busy and crazy year as it also marked Erica’s 10 year Anniversary as Empress 28 of Calgary so it was a nice tie in to the two titles. Erica is currently the President to the Court of Surrey and still travelling the circuit enjoying and maintaining the friendships she has made over the years.

Erica is married to her husband Boyd Klein who was also her Imperial Crown Prince 10 in Surrey and have been together for 20 years. They enjoy travelling the circuit together when they can attend together and also enjoy taking holiday cruises as a form of relaxation and enjoyment.