Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member
Vee pic

Emperor Vee St. James

(Versall Henderson)


Modesto, CA


Phone: 209-262-9360

Email: cocost.james@yahoo.com


1343 Kern Creek Ln.

Patterson, CA 95363



Greetings and salutations my name is Vee st.James,
 I have actively been involved with the International court system for over 8 beautiful years now I have held the titles Emperor 43 of the OESCI, Imperial Crown Prince 42, ICP princess, Grand Duchess 39 of the Delta Empire, Miss Gay San Joaquin County, Miss Gay Stanislaus County, I have also worked in my community as a hard-working member of College Avenue congregational Church ,Modesto Pride, Family Modesto AIDS emergency board, Gospel Mission food pantry coordinator, Salvation Army feeding the homeless program coordinator, and I am looking for to building a friendship with each empire throughout the 
International court system I am super excited to serve on this Council and thank you for having me sincerely.
His most Imperial Majesty
The Chocolate Teddy Bear 
The Noble bright and Shining Lord of the Owl
Emperor 43 Vee st.James