The Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc.San Francisco, California
584 Castro Street,
PMB 469
San Francisco, CA 94114
Governed by: Board of Directors


Coronation Information
Theme TBA
Date  Feb. 23, 2019
Ticket Price TBA
San Francisco Design Center,
101 Henry Adams Street,
San Francisco CA 94103
His Most Imperial Majesty,The Teal Mariachi,
Golden Bear, Protector of the People Emperor,
The Reigning Emperor, Leandro Gonzales
Her Most Imperial Majesty, The Razor-Tongue
Beacon of Hope, Unity, Sass & Service,
Her Most Imperial H.U.S.S.,
The Reigning Empress,<br /> Pollo Del Mar

Chairman: Emperor XXVIII A.N. John Carrillo
Secretary/Mistress of Protocol:
Absolute Empress XLIX Misty Blue
Additional Info