The Imperial Dove Court de Fresno and Madera
Fresno, California
PO Box 4465
Fresno, CA 93744

Governed by: Board of Directors
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Coronation Information
Theme Midnight at the Met Gala: The Royal Garden
Date May 25, 2019 Ticket Price  $60.00
Location Radisson Hotel Downtown Fresno,1055 Van Ness Ave, Freso, CA 93721

Emperor 45, Mario Valen,                                       559-288-6136 

Empress 45, Melody DeLeon                                           559-800-5631

Ball Coordinator Emperor 40: Lorenzo Lucio,                                      559-375-2923
Member at Large/Coronation Coordinator: Empress 14 Nikki,
Emperor 44 Agent O
Additional Info  Imperial Dove Court de Fresno’s 45th Reign, The Court of Pride, Ambition, & Wonder, would like to invite one and all to Coronation 46, Midnight at the Met Gala: The Royal Garden. His Most Imperial Majesty, Emperor 45, Mario Valen and Her Most Imperial Majesty, Empress 45, Melody De Leon is excited to welcome their fellow courtiers to the Heart of Central Valley, in beautiful Downtown Fresno, Memorial Day Weekend 2019, to celebrate Coronation 46.